Lunch 35

Extra starter 20
Appetizer + main course

If you want a quick lunch let us know.

A la carte


Smoked eel - buttermilk 24

Langoustine - cooked - beurre blanc 38

Lamb - glaced - black garlic


Northseabass - barley risotto 40

Sweetbread - lemonpepper 40

Veal 38

Dry aged Holstein 38


Cheesecake - camomile  12

Vanilla - chocolate 12

Belgian cheese plate by Studio Smaak and bread by the Broodsmid 16

Dear guest,

I cook according to the rhythm of nature and its seasons.
I cook our North Sea and West Flanders polders to your plate,
depending on the right moment and the supply of the very best.
This harmony is delightful and has limitations for you and me,
so I can hardly satisfy my own eating habits.
But I'll do my best if you give me 24h notice,