Jelle Hinderyckx is a quirky young chef, constantly seeking improvement and excellence. He is PREUS (dialect for PROUD) on the unlimited wealth he welcomes into his kitchen from the fields and the North Sea. Jelle is extremely strict when it comes to sustainable cooking! All products must be respectfully grown in harmony with nature and the seasons or come from sustainable fishing from our North Sea.

Jelle's cooking style is very personal, a symbiosis of his rich wanderings in renowned restaurants in our region. This resulted in a unique working method in his kitchen, to bring all the flavours to the plate and glass in their purest form.

Jelle is also extremely proud - preus so - of how he conceives his new PREUS eatery. With his literally ingrained passion for JUDGMENT, he set out for months to make PREUS a unique place where the complete puzzle falls together. To do so, Jelle went over the entire scenario of the total experience. This search resulted in local, specially designed porcelain and linen for PREUS, exclusive collaboration with West Flemish producers of both vegetal and animal components with an exceptional love for what comes from our Polders and the North Sea. Naturally, the drinks that perfectly complement the culinary creations were also meticulously researched in a contemporary way, with the aim of offering the perfect total experience. Only then can Jelle be truly proud, welcome!